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    Biting Past focuses on ways we can improve the way we look at things and ultimately the way we behave.

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    How can you take care of anyone else when you are running on fumes!

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Revitalization Is The Key To Recovery

It's hard sometimes to get up after a fall.  So many different reasons make it difficult.  The key to making a strong return is finding ways to revitalize yourself.  Revitalization can help you to see that things won't always be like this - in the middle of recovery.  An important task of your recovery is to get back on track, so why don't make refreshing yourself a part of the regime.  Take time to exercise or read an uplifting book.  You could also visit friends you haven't seen in a long time (just be sure they're not in recovery as well.  It may n

Top 10 Things Not To Do

What Not To Do... Ever!


We thought we'd start out with some advice on things not to do to keep from getting bitten later.  These items are in no way a comprehensive list, but a good start to protecting yourself from getting in trouble later on.  

Has Anything Come Back To Bite You?

Have you thought about how past events in your life have a way of defining your present existence?  Well that's what Biting Past is all about.  The idea that life has a funny way of coming back on you, is the premise under which this blog was started.  If we were to remember what we have been through in the past, it may be of great importance to someone else.  Especially if they are currently going through a similar experience.  The Biting Past doesn't have to be centered around just what has happened to an individual.  It can be representative of a culture or

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