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Have you thought about how past events in your life have a way of defining your present existence?  Well that's what Biting Past is all about.  The idea that life has a funny way of coming back on you, is the premise under which this blog was started.  If we were to remember what we have been through in the past, it may be of great importance to someone else.  Especially if they are currently going through a similar experience.  The Biting Past doesn't have to be centered around just what has happened to an individual.  It can be representative of a culture or even mankind.  Is it possible that reviewing the outcome of past experiences to could redirect the paths we as a people or a single person will take?  Could this have a profound effect on where we might end up in the future?

Think back on all the situations throughout your life and how they affected the way you live today.  Some were good, but there were bad ones also.  Many of bad encounters were easily resolved.  However, some of them revisited you in an unfriendly manner.  They made you wish you had never experienced them in the first place.  The saying, "I wish I had never done that." often comes to mind.

So how can you help?  Get involved by emailing us with your stories!  Right now, the site just starting this up and looking to see what this interest on this subject will be like.  The thought is that many of you will find this a very interesting and thought provoking opportunity that could maybe change lives.