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What Not To Do... Ever!


We thought we'd start out with some advice on things not to do to keep from getting bitten later.  These items are in no way a comprehensive list, but a good start to protecting yourself from getting in trouble later on.  

  • Posting TMI on social media
  • Talking to a friend about another friend
  • Talking to a co-worker about another co-worker
  • Never lend money you can't afford to lose
  • Don't lie, don't worry, don't change for other people change for yourself
  • Never try to be someone you're not
  • Don't get addicted to social media, enjoy the outdoors once and a while
  • Never give with the expectation of getting something back or in return.
  • Never break trust since once it's broken it's almost impossible to regain it
  • Don't set your expectations to high of the people around you or yourself


We'd like to hear your thoughts too!  The list will keep growing, but for now, these ten should keep you thinking for a while.